WWE RAW Results (10/5/20)

Backstage, Drew Gulak sneaks up behind R-Truth as he is working on his mock draft. Truth tries to run away but tripe of Gulak’s mop bucket. Gulak pins Truth.

Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, Drew Gulak!

Backstage, MVP tells Apollo Crews, Ricochet, and Mustafa Ali that he has an opening with the Hurt Business. Ricochet seems to be the only one considering it.

In-Ring Segment: Seth Rollins and Murphy

Murphy tells Rollins that he needs to apologize. Rollins starts to laugh. Murphy says Rollins needs to apologize to Aalyah Mysterio. Rollins screams in Murphy’s face that he is the messiah and Murphy is the disciple. Dominik and Carrillo stomp down to the ring and attack Rollins and Murphy.

Seth Rollins and Murphy vs. Dominik Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo

The match started officially during the break. Rollins is working over Dominik. Murphy tags himself in and Rollins screams that he doesn’t need Murphy and he didn’t need to tag in. Dominik manages to tag in Carrillo as Murphy and Rollins argue. Carrillo takes out Murphy with a high angle dropkick. Murphy DDTs Carrillo. Dominik breaks up the pin. Rollins and Muprhy argue some more. Rollins exclaims he doesn’t need Murphy’s help. Carrillo catches them both with a tope. Carrillo sends Murphy back in the ring. Carrillo goes up top. Carrillo dives right into a leaping knee strike by Murphy. Murphy pins Carrillo.

Winners- Seth Rollins and Murphy

Murphy storms off muttering that if Rollins doesn’t need him fine.

Braun Strowman finds Adam Pearce backstage, Strowman says he knows RAW Underground isn’t happening tonight but he wants a fight and he wants it now. Pearce says he can’t put Strowman in a match but he can give him an exhibition if someone is willing to take the fight. Strowman says ok and walks away. Keith Lee walks in and says he’s game.

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