Triple H: The Capitol Wrestling Center ‘Changes The Dynamic’ Of The WWE PC, But Some Things Will Remain

There’s plenty of attention to detail when it comes to the new Capitol Wrestling Center and Triple H discussed what it all means for the facility we’ve come to know as the WWE Performance Center. During his post-NXT TakeOver 31 conference call, Hunter addressed what changes are afoot to the newly renovated venue.

“Yes, it changes the dynamic of what this main room of the Performance Center was and now it’s a showcase as it has been since the beginning of COVID. That’s the funny thing cause people talk about us getting back to training again, but it hasn’t been here (when I say ‘here’ I mean the Performance Center) so it hasn’t been in this building and it hasn’t been in what everybody has visited and all the rings sat in as the Performance Center. It was in another smaller location where we put less rings, but used it to socially distance and created the space that we needed to create the open environment that we needed in today’s moment in time, but we will amplify that now.”

The main room may have changed, but other branches of the Performance Center will still remain in house.

“So while this becomes the shooting location, there are certain aspects that will remain here [as] the Performance Center: rehab facility, medical facility, strength and conditioning facility. We have another space that we’re doing in-ring training from.”

Triple H also gave some details as to the new type of ebb and flow developmental talent have been going through since the redo and as one can imagine, it has the pandemic in mind.

“When talent come to training in ring they’re doing it in small batches. Those small batches come in and train together on the regular with their coaches and that’s kind of like their little bubble group and then once they’re done and they leave and then everything is cleaned and sanitized, new group comes in, goes through the protocols and then they train so there’s a lot of different manner of how we were doing things even in recent time when we got back to training it all had to be shifted anyway and the Performance Center itself. The main room where the rings were had to get cleared out of all the equipment that was in here, the ThunderDome was built, then it was fixing everything that was here, then when we decided to move in a different direction it was sort of gutting that and starting over with the process of what the building was so lot of work has been done here, but we’re shifting to other locations and making it all work.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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