Santos Escobar Retains NXT Cruiserweight Title In Chaotic Match With Isaiah Scott At NXT TakeOver 31

Santos Escobar

Credit: WWE

At WWE NXT TakeOver 31, Santos Escobar defended the NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. Throughout the match, both men displayed the athleticism that makes them two of WWE’s top cruiserweights. Escobar planted Scott with a Frankensteiner and an elbow for a two count.

Scott fought with all his heart and soul, hoping to finally pull off a huge victory over Escobar. A diving European uppercut sent Escobar to the outside. A pump kick rocked the champion and a Flatliner earned Scott a near fall. Joaquin Wilde distracted the referee, which allowed Raul Mendoza to grab Scott’s leg. But Scott persevered and kept fighting. Scott took out the henchmen with a hurricanrana to Escobar. Ashanti Thee Adonis ran to the ring and evened the odds by taking out the henchman.

Escobar drilled Scott with a superkick and a Phantom Driver earned him a two count. A 450 Splash earned Scott a two count. Scott hit his head on the exposed steel of a turnbuckle, and Escobar capitalized with a double underhook knee to the face for the win.

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