Kushida Forces Veleveteen Dream To Tap Out, Brutally Attacks Him After Match At NXT TakeOver 31


Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images

At NXT TakeOver 31, Kushida competed in his first singles match at a TakeOver event when he took on the Velveteen Dream. Kushida attacked Dream during his entrance, displaying his newfound aggression. The referee stopped Kushida from hitting Dream with a chair, so the match finally began. Both men displayed their technical wrestling skills before Kushida rocked Dream with a slap. Kushida grounded Dream and targeted his arm. Dream rallied and floored Kushida with an uppercut.

The competitors’ mutual disdain was apparent with every stiff strike. Dream blatantly disrespected Kushida with a Bronco Buster. Dream caught Kushida in a sleeper off of a back handspring attempt, but a rope break broke the hold. Kushida tackled Dream and caught him with an athletic dropkick off a cartwheel. Kushida pulled Dream shoulder-first into the ring post two times. He then kicked Dream’s arm when it was trapped in the steps. Dream fought out of an armbar and hit Kushida with a Dream Valley Driver. A Purple Rain Maker could have earned Dream the victory, but the move hurt his already wounded elbow. The hesitation allowed Kushida enough time to recover and kick out.

A Hoverboard Lock off the top could have put Dream away, but he initially fought out of it until Kushida locked it in again and forced Dream to tap out. Kushida then attacked Dream after the match and locked him in an armbar until officials broke it up.

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