Damian Priest Retains North American Title Against Johnny Gargano In Hard-Fought Match At NXT TakeOver 31

damian priest

Photo Credit: WWE

At WWE NXT TakeOver 31, Damian Priest defended the NXT North American Championship against Johnny Gargano, a former NXT Champion who has also held this title. Priest used his impressive combination of strength and athleticism to counter Gargano’s veteran prowess. Gargano took control by slamming Priest off the apron and onto the floor. A dive through the ropes sent the champion crashing into the Capitol Wrestling Center’s mesh fence. The challenger tied Priest up in the ropes and hit him with a dropkick. Gargano grounded Priest and targeted his legs. The champion rallied with some stiff strikes and a towering Flatliner.

Two running elbows had Gargano on the ropes, and a Falcon Arrow earned Priest a two count. Priest slammed Gargano to the mat face-first, but Gargano turned a Razor’s Edge into a sunset flip for a two count. Gargano clotheslined Pries to the outside and rocked him with a kick in the face. A Razor’s Edge onto the apron earned Priest a two count. The champion avoided a Gargano Escape, but Gargano planted Priest with a standing Sliced Bread after a series of counters. Priest accidentally dove onto two members of security, and with the referee distracted, Gargano kicked Priest below the belt. But a superkick only earned him a two count. Gargano locked in his signature submission, but Priest reached the ropes. Priest countered One Final beat into the Reckoning for the win.

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