Kiera Hogan Says She’s Petitioning To Bring Back The Knockouts Tag Titles

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Kiera Hogan recently appeared on Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show, where she discussed her run with IMPACT Wrestling and reflected on her career. Here are some highlights:

On her run with WOW:

Hogan: “I think definitely WOW was, it was a very empowering experience because I felt like a superhero. I felt like I was a superhero, I was this character, ‘Fire,’ and I felt like a superhero, and with my girlfriend, Diamanté, we were the WOW tag team champions and that whole experience was so empowering.”

On her upcoming match with Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie:

Hogan: We’re not scared of a demon and gothic Barbie at all, at all. This is not about some wedding, we don’t care. Rosemary’s gonna come and finally ‘rescue’ gothic Barbie? Oh, you finally wanna stop dealing with what you’re dealing with to pay attention to your best friend? Oh, ok, now you have time for her. We will see how this goes.”

On the Knockouts Tag Team titles:

Hogan: Me and Tasha [Steelz] don’t care what tag team, who tag team, which tag team, as long as it’s a team with some gold attached to it. That’s all we care about. I mean, that’s all we’re thinking about is these Knockouts Tag Titles. We are petitioning for the Knockouts Tag Titles to come on back, and you might as well hand them over to us.”

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