Eric Young Submits Eddie Edwards In IMPACT Victory Road Main Event

eric young

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

The main event of tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling Victory Road pay-per-view saw Eric Young and Eddie Edwards go at it once again for the IMPACT World Championship. After defeating Edwards to win the belt last month, he once again defeated Edwards, coming out on top tonight after submitting Eddie to retain his title.

Edwards and Young went back and forth for most of the match, with Edwards even seemingly getting the upper hand late and looking like he may be able to come away with a win and taking his title back. Late in the match, Edwards even managed to break out of a submission and landed the Boston Knee Party on Young, although Young was able to get a foot on the rope to keep things going. Unfortunately for Edwards, after the failed pin, Young landed a legtrap pile driver on Edwards before locking in a nasty lock onto his foot to force Edwards to tap out.

Following the end of the match, Young rolled out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair, and looked ready to assault Edwards further. However, Rich Swann came running down the ramp, ducking a chair swing from Young and delivering a spinning kick to the head Young to force him out of the ring. The night ended with Swann celebrating with the IMPACT World Championship before helping Edwards up. 

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