Willie Mack Answers Rohit Raju’s X-Division Challenge, Wins By Count Out

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling Victory Road pay-per-view saw Rohit Raju issue an open challenge for his X-Division Championship, and although Willie Mack answered the call and looked more than good enough, Raju made sure he would retain the belt through any means necessary.

After Raju issued his challenge, IMPACT superstar Willie Mack responded to the call, coming down to the ring and throwing his hat into contention for the title. Once the match began, Mack also looked completely ready to shock the world and take down Raju. Towards the end of the contest, Mack landed a huge running slam onto Raju in the corner, causing Raju to roll out of the ring and stay down for a bit. With the referee counting to ten and Mack looking on, Raju attempted to get up but then purposely dropped down once again, allowing the referee to count him out and call the match. Thanks to the fact that count-outs do not result in a title change, Raju was able to retain his belt, and he quickly jumped up, grabbed his title and backed up the ramp with a smirk on his face.

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