Bully Ray Says MJF’s Potential Is Unlimited, Could Be As Big As John Cena Or The Rock


Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling superstar MJF is slowly shooting up the wrestling charts, becoming one of the biggest superstars in both AEW and wrestling as a whole. During the latest episode of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray praised the superstar, saying he has limitless potential. 

“If there is anybody in the wrestling business right now, who could live up to, work up to superstar potential in the future, it’s MJF,” he said. “MJF has what it takes to be Cena-esque, Rock-esque. He’s talented in the ring, but all you need to be is good in the ring, when you’re phenomenal on the stick, just look at the history of pro wrestling. MJF is good, and you know how MJF is going to get better in the ring? Working with guys that are better than him, and I don’t mean better physically, I don’t mean better spot wise. Better psychology wise, better storytelling wise.” 

Bully Ray went on to say that he believes All Elite Wrestling has to focus on becoming as big as possible, because he believes MJF’s ceiling is incredibly high. “The sky is the limit for MJF. What MJF needs is for AEW to become as big as they possibly can as quick as they possibly can. The bigger that company gets, the bigger star MJF can become. Think about this, think about MJF in the WWE if WWE were to just let MJF be MJF. How big of a superstar would he become? He’s the one guy in AEW that I think could become the biggest star in WWE if he wasn’t tampered with. Remember when Jericho came over from WCW to the WWE? Was he tampered with? Not at all. He was able to be the Chris Jericho he wanted to be and that they saw him to be and the sky was the limit. The bigger AEW gets, the bigger MJF will get. He could be the biggest star on the planet in the near future. What MJF needs is to hang and bang with guys like Jericho for a while and learn, learn, learn.”

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