RAW Underground ‘Isn’t Finished,’ Reported Reason For Its Absence Monday

RAW Underground

Some fans saw the absence of RAW Underground this past Monday as a sign that WWE had given up on the experiment of less structured matches accompanied by Shane McMahon’s “commentary.” As it turns out, WWE is still planning on bringing the segment back, and there’s a good reason why they couldn’t run it this week.

As previously reported, WWE suffered an outbreak of COVID-19 this week, which took Retribution and other talents off TV for two weeks. According to this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this same outbreak affected the Performance Center and NXT talents who typically fill out the RAW Underground ringside area. While it’s not confirmed who has actually gotten the virus in this outbreak, the talent has to be in quarantine because of possible contact, meaning that there was no way to put on the segment as normal.

Despite the setback, the Observer notes that there are still plans for Underground in the future, but also that plans can change, and this gap in appearances could spell the end for the segment simply due to the way RAW is put together week in and week out.

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