Liv Morgan Isn’t Open To A Third Riott Squad Member, Teases A ‘Revamp’ They’ve Been Working On

Photo Credit: WWE

Liv Morgan recently took part in an interview with TV Insider, where she spoke about being able to trust Ruby again, the potential of adding a third member to the Riott Squad, and much more. You can check out some of the highlights below: 

On trusting Ruby again: 

I completely blew it off. I was not thinking about it. Seeing Ruby and being on the same show made it hard. Every Monday, whether I wanted to talk to her or not, seeing her in the hallway… whether she was calling or texting, I was very closed-minded. Here I am finally on my own and able to show the world what I can do. Then my long-lost best friend was out with double shoulder surgery. [The story goes] she comes to the ring, and I‘m thinking she wants to congratulate me [but then] she turned on me. It has been a work in progress and learning how to trust Ruby again. I believe in her, I believe in her intentions and pure. I don’t think she ever wanted to hurt me. I think a lot is unsaid feelings and misunderstanding.

On the potential of letting in another third member of the Riott Squad: 

There are tons of people who have potential, but the Riott Squad is Ruby, Liv, and Sarah. No one else can fill that spot. What I meant by revamp was maybe going through a name change, something that is more fitting for us now that we are in an equal partnership where Ruby isn’t the leader anymore. That and the fact there isn’t Sarah anymore. So definitely an updated version of us is definitely due. That is what we’re working on now.

On the Riott Squad’s dynamic without Sarah Logan: 

The Riott Squad was the three of us. To not have one of those pieces, it doesn’t feel complete. I talk to Sarah all the time. We’re on a group chat. Ruby and I wear the wolf patch over our ring jackets, that’s for Sarah. The Riott Squad is three women [but] right now it’s two. So Ruby and I have been working on a little revamp. You’ll have to keep watching.

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