Seth Rollins Reveals Controversial Text Messages Between Murphy And Aalyah Mysterio

buddy murphy

Photo Credit: Flickr / Miguel Discart

This week on WWE RAW, the Mysterio family appeared on King’s Court with Jerry “The King” Lawler. Rey confirmed that he is the father of his children, and he called Seth Rollins an evil man. Dominik vowed to put an end to this war as soon as possible.  Lawler recapped what happened last week between Murphy and Aalyah. She said Murphy sought her out, and she didn’t know what to think of him. She called Rollins a really bad person. Rollins appeared on the video screen, and he said that one member of the family isn’t being truthful.

The Monday Night Messiah stated that Aalyah wasn’t being honest about how she feels about Murphy. Rollins shared the text messages between Aalyah and Murphy, which showed some clear friendliness on Aalyah’s behalf.

Aalyah stormed away after she said Murphy isn’t like Rollins. Backstage, Murphy confronted Rollins, who said Murphy wasn’t being honest with him. Murphy grabbed Rollins’ shirt, but Dominik attacked the Disciple. They brawled until security separated them.

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