Drew McIntyre Wins Ambulance Match At Clash Of Champions With An Assist From Several WWE Legends

Drew McIntyre

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

At WWE Clash of Champions, Drew McIntyre defended the WWE Championship against Randy Orton in an Ambulance Match. The two rivals have been at each other’s throats for weeks. They clashed in this heated match and immediately started exchanging thunderous blows. Orton took control and had McIntyre lined up for a punt kick. But The Big Show came out of nowhere and dropped Orton with a Choke Slam through the broadcast table. McIntyre slammed Orton into the backside of the ambulance and pulled a red chair out of the ambulance. He then hit Orton with it.

Orton hit McIntyre with a crutch and drove a chair into his wounded show. He tried shoving McIntyre into the ambulance, but both men brawled into the back of the vehicle. Both men escaped, and Orton slammed McIntyre’s head into the side of the ambulance.

McIntyre drilled Orton with a Glasgow Kiss, and the Viper collapsed. McIntyre tried to hit a Claymore, but Orton evaded it, causing McIntyre to kick the door off the ambulance. The impact injured McIntyre’s knee. The brawl spilled backstage, where Orton launched McIntyre into the wall. Christian then emerged out of nowhere and attacked Orton.

McIntyre dragged Orton back to the ambulance, but Orton sent him head-first into the windshield.

The two enemies battled on top of the ambulance. McIntyre fell to the floor when Orton stomped his hand while the champion held onto the side. Shawn Michaels dropped Orton with a Sweet Chin Music. But McIntyre still couldn’t put Orton away, and the Viper hit the champion with an RKO on the floor.

Orton pushed McIntyre into the ambulance and closed one door, but McIntyre stopped him at the last second. McIntyre finally drilled Orton with a Claymore and put him in the ambulance. He pulled Orton partially out of the back and punted the Viper before he closed the doors. Ric Flair turned out to be the driver of the ambulance, and the Nature Boy drove away.

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