Asuka Beats Bayley At Clash Of Champions By DQ, Sasha Banks Exacts Some Revenge

sasha banks

Photo Credit: WWE

At WWE Clash of Champions, Bayley was scheduled to defend the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross. WWE announced that Cross was unable to compete, so Bayley came out to brag about her successful night. She dared anyone to come out and challenge her. WWE RAW Women’s Champion Asuka answered the call and took the fight to Bayley. Asuka had Bayley on the ropes, but the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion intentionally got disqualified when she hit Asuka with a chair.

Sasha Banks returned and attacked her former friend with a chair, but the champion gained the upper hand. Once again, she attacked Banks, but The Boss kept fighting

She attacked Bayley with a kendo stick and threw a chair at her before Bayley escaped.

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