Asuka Makes Zelina Vega Tap Out, Retains RAW Women’s Title At Clash of Champions


Photo Credit: WWE

At WWE Clash of Champions, Zelina Vega challenged Asuka for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship. Asuka overpowered Vega early on and sent her crashing to the floor with a running hip attack. Vega took control by sending Asuka shoulder-first into the steel steps. The challenger targeted Asuka’s arm and grounded her. Vega rolled out of an attempted Asuka Lock, but the champion escaped an armbar.

A hurricanrana and a running knee attack gave Vega more momentum. Vega nearly pinned the champion, but Asuka made her tap out to the Asuka Lock.The champion praised Vega after the match. She refused to shake her hand but then she seemingly bowed in respect. But it was a trap, as Vega attacked Asuka. The champion angrily screamed at Vega as she walked away.

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