Sami Zayn Wins The Intercontinental Title In Wild Ladder Match At WWE Clash of Champions

Sami Zayn

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

At WWE Clash of Champions, Jeff Hardy defended the WWE Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder Match against AJ Styles and Sami Zayn. Hardy defeated Styles to win the title why Zayn recently returned after he was absent for a few months. Zayn had been the champion when he left, but WWE stripped him of the title. Early in the match, Zayn used a ladder and hit Hardy and Styles with it. Hardy sent Zayn sprawling into a ladder with a back drop. Hardy crashed into the middle of a ladder when Styles side-stepped him.

Styles took control of the match and tried to unhook both WWE Intercontinental Championship titles above the ring. Zayn stopped him, but Styles pressed on until Hardy got in his way. The Phenomenal One knocked Hardy off the ladder, but Hardy pulled him off the ladder again. Zayn suplexed Styles onto a ladder. He then threw Hardy into a ladder at ringside.

Hardy bounded off the steps to hit Poetry in Motion on Styles at ringside. But Zayn blasted Hardy with a Helluva Kick. Styles threw a mini-ladder at Zayn while he tried to unhook the belts. Hardy tipped the ladder while he and Styles were on it, which sent Styles crashing into the ropes. He then bounced the ladder into Styles when he tried to hit a Phenomenal Forearm. Hardy dropped Zayn with a Twist of Fate. Zayn sent Hardy violently crashing into the ropes and to the floor. Styles hit a moonsault/inverted DDT on Zayn outside the ring. Hardy then hit a Swanton Bomb onto Zayn and through a ladder.

Hardy stopped Styles from retrieving the titles. Zayn threw Hardy into the barricade. He got some handcuffs from his jacket and hit Hardy with a ladder. Zayn put the handcuffs in Hardy’s ear piercing and hooked it into a ladder. He then tried to handcuff Styles to the ropes, but the Phenomenal One fought out of the predicament. Zayn handcuffed himself to Styles but the Phenomenal One tried to climb the ladder with Zayn. He couldn’t lift Zayn, so he put the former champion on his back and started to climb.

Hardy, still handcuffed by his ear, got into the ring. Zayn used a key to free himself from Styles and cuffed him to the ladder. Zayn unhooked the titles to win the match.

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