Liv Morgan Can’t Wait To Prove People Wrong At WWE Clash of Champions

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Liv Morgan recently spoke with Rick Ucchino of Sportskeeda Wrestling and previewed her WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match at WWE Clash of Champions. Here are some highlights:

On her match at Clash of Champions:

Morgan: “Uh, it’s just proving that we can do it. You know, when you look at this match on paper, you know, it seems to me that most people think that it’s an obvious choice, of Nia and Shayna winning because they’re so dominant, they’re so strong. You know, but I just cannot wait to prove everyone who has doubted Ruby and I wrong. Because I know we’re winning because, you ever just like have a feeling, about like your gut feeling, and you know, you just know you’re right about it? Like we’re going into this match, we don’t care about, you know, the pain that Shayna and Nia are going to put us through, we’re not scared of that. What we’re scared of is leaving without these championships. So we’re putting it all on the line.

On not tapping out to Baszler at WWE Elimination Chamber:

Morgan: “That’s how I like to go into everything. I don’t want to be scared, I don’t want to be worried. I’m completely, I can acknowledge like okay, you know, Shayna just eliminated three people before me in about 15 seconds each. I knew that was a huge possibility, but I wasn’t going to go into that thinking it was my fate. If that’s my fate, okay. But I’m going to completely go into it thinking, you know, I’m going to whip her a–. And that didn’t happen but hopefully, like you said, it made an impression that, even though it seems like the odds are completely against me, that doesn’t matter to me. And I’m going to go at it 100% and that’s what Ruby and I are going to do this Sunday, and that’s what we’re going to do every day after this Sunday because that’s what the tag division deserves.”

On reuniting with Ruby Riott without Sarah Logan:

Morgan: “It’s been very different, you know, because that’s what the Riott Squad was. It was like, you know, these three girls that looked like they had nothing in common, but underneath it all, we had everything in common. So without Sarah, it’s definitely been an adjustment. We’re still very close with Sarah, we’re in a group chat, we talk all the time. Ruby and I in our ring jackets, we have like a wolf patch that we wear on our hearts, and that represents Sarah. You know, she’s still with us every time we step out there.”

On a potential name change of the Riott Squad:

Morgan: “When we first started, Ruby was a leader and she should have been a leader. You know, she had the most experience. It definitely helped me progress as an in-ring competitor, but now a year, three years later, actually, you know, things have changed a lot. And I’ve really tried to prove myself, that I don’t need a leader. So Ruby and I were equal parts in this tag team.”

“Ruby’s great and I’ve worked really hard to improve, so it’s really equal partnership and that needs to be represented.”

The full interview is available here:

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