Kurt Angle Plays ‘Word Association’ With Steve Austin: Who Did He Call The Greatest?

Kurt Angle

Photo Credit: WWE

If you were to run down a list of top names for WWE in the Attitude Era, Kurt Angle and Steve Austin would undoubtedly be in the company’s top ten. To preview tomorrow’s Broken Skull Sessions that is set to air tomorrow on the WWE Network after the Clash of The Champions PPV, Stone Cold ran down a list of his own for Kurt as the two played some word association with some stars that The Olympic Hero is all but familiar with. Who did Angle say was the greatest? Viva La Raza…

Austin: “Brock Lesnar.”

Angle: “Beast.”

Austin: “Eddie Guerrero.”

Angle: “Greatest.”

Austin: “Edge.”

Angle: “Talented.”

Austin: “Shorty G.”

Angle: “Mini-Kurt.”

Austin: “Undertaker.”

Angle: “Best big man in the business.”

Austin: “Shelton Benjamin”

“Most talented athlete I’ve ever seen.”

Austin: “Triple H.”

Angle: “One of the best in-ring workers of all time.”

Austin: “Ronda Rousey.”

Angle: “Best female wrestler to ever have the most incredible run here.”

You can check out the “extra session” between the two wrestling legends below:

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin gets Kurt Angle’s rapid-fire thoughts on Superstars like Brock Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin, Ronda Rousey and more in this bonus scene from The Broken Skull Sessions, available tomorrow only on WWE Network.

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