Sgt. Slaughter Virtual Signing Details — Bid On Rare Items, Pricing, How To Watch & More

sgt slaughter

Attention Maggot!

WWE Hall of Famer and former WWF World Heavyweight Champion SGT. SLAUGHTER will be doing a LIVE Virtual Signing with ‘80s Wrestling Con on Monday, October 19th from 7-10 PM ET. You’ll be able to watch the stream right here on WrestleZone!

A virtual signing is a way to get a personalized autographed photo or get your own items signed by Superstars without physically being live at an event to do so. You will have the opportunity to watch the Superstars sign your photo or items LIVE on our website and also get a shout out from them!

You can order a personalized autograph 8X10 photo or send in your own items for “Sarge” to sign. We will also be doing a live auction that evening as well, with rare items of Sgt. Slaughter that you can bid on and have him sign live!

For further information on ordering photos or to send your items in to be signed, please email: [email protected]

Our Personalized Autographed 8X10 Photos- $40 each
Your Flat Items (Photos, Magazines, Programs)- $40 each plus return shipping
Your Non-Flat Items (Figures, Shirts, etc.)- $45 each plus return shipping
Your Championship Belts- $65 each plus return shipping
You can order your items for our Sgt. Slaughter Virtual Signing now at:
Monday, November 16th- DEMOLITION
Monday, December 14th- THE DREAM TEAM (Brutus Beefcake / Greg Valentine)
More Signings Will Be Announced Soon!