Josh Woods Is Bringing The Fight To Kenny King, He Didn’t Enter The ROH Pure Tournament To ‘Just Make It In’

Check out our new interview with Josh Woods!

Woods is one of the 16 entrants in the ROH Pure Championship tournament and his match against Kenny King will air this weekend on ROH TV. During the interview, we discuss:
  • The return of the Pure Championship
  • His reply to Kenny King’s trash talk
  • Learning from Silas Young
  • How the ‘pure style’ suits him and how it’s just another ‘flavor’ of ice cream to enjoy

—and much more!

Before the tournament began airing, WrestleZone spoke with both King and Woods. King was asked for some final words for his first-round opponent in the B Block of the tournament.

“If I were him, I would lose Silas Young’s number. I would call John Kreese, I think Johnny Lawrence is now teaching students. I’d call Rickson Gracie, I’d call everybody and get them in his corner because he’s going to need it. Call Megatron, call Inspector Gadget, call everybody. Let them be there and have everybody corner him,” King said, “because I’m going to bring it.”

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Woods was told about some of the trash talk from King and responded with the following remarks.

“I came to fuck shit up. Straight up. I didn’t enter this tournament with hopes to just make it in. I entered the tournament to win it, so eat shit! [laughs] No, he wanted competition and that’s what he’s going to get,” Woods said, “and that’s what people are going to see. They’re not going to see the same old stuff from either one of us, and he’s going to work, that’s for sure. He’s going to learn.”

You can also watch Josh Woods’ match against Kenny King this weekend wherever ROH TV airs in your local area, or on FITE.

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