The Undertaker Describes How He Would Eliminate A Fall Guy

The Undertaker has a lot more time at home these days, and that’s the best time to dive into video games. One of the most popular games at the moment is Fall Guys, a family-friendly battle royal where colorful bean people run through obstacle courses and fall into bottomless pits.

When GAMINGbible asked The Deadman how he’d take on one of the Fall Guys in the squared circle, the wrestler used his veteran’s intuition to notice that the bean people don’t have the best balance. The rest is elementary:

Undertaker was recently seen gaming with his family in one of the commercials for WWE 2K Battlegrounds, the latest video game to bring the WWE Universe to the virtual realm. Taker has appeared in almost all of them, from his Mortal Kombat-esque turn in Midway’s arcade fighting game to his propensity to pick up the Twisty Rockets in WWE Crush Hour.

After his comments, all we want to see is how he’d fare against his greatest rivals on the goop filled stages of Fall Guys. Xavier Woods, get on this.

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