Reported Rejected Female RETRIBUTION Name, Check Out EC3’s First Independent Match Tonight

Retribution T-Bar Mace Slapjack

Image Credit: WWE

Reported Rejected Female RETRIBUTION Name

Much has been made on the internet concerning the revealed names for the male members of the RETRIBUTION faction. Dio Maddin is no more and is now “Mace,” Shane Thorne is now very proud to go by the name of “Slapjack,” and Dominik Dijakovic is now “T-Bar.”

The two female members, Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez have yet to reveal their new names, if they get any, but WrestleVotes on Twitter reports that one of the rejected names for the female members was “Shatter.”

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Check Out EC3’s First Independent Match Since Leaving WWE Tonight

Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling sent the following to WrestleZone:

Ladies & Gentleman – This Thursday at 7:00 pm Eastern ARW returns with Episode #11 of “Extreme Takeover Thursday” and we have a historic and match of the year contender as your Main Event. It’ll be the World Premiere of IMPACT Wrestling star EC3 vs. CHICO ADAMS. Plus much more! Tune in LIVE this Thursday at 7pm at the link below!!