Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite Top Picks 2021 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this installment of Collector’s Corner we take an in-depth look at the new Mattel WWE Elite Top Picks 2021 set! This set features:

  • Roman Reigns
  • “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Kofi Kingston

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Kofi Kingston WWE Talent

Photo by Bauzen/GC Images

The Packaging

The packaging for this new set might be glimpse at what’s to come for 2021. The shape of the packaging is very similar to that of this year’s style but features a more white colored color scheme as well as a “Certified Authentic” logo/sticker and some updated signage on the box. The sides feature images of the featured wrestler and the back has images, stats and those also in the set. The new white and red color scheme is very nice and crisp looking, which will make these pop on display should the others keep this style. We will probably see the new packaging in the main line starting with either Elite 80 or Elite 81.

Kofi Kingston

Kofi is the most sought after in this set as his figure is the only new one. The others are just re-releases of recently released figures of those superstars unfortunately, but good for those whom may have missed out prior. Kofi features his blonde hair, detailed tattoos, blue arm bands and very colorful tights in tan, white and blue colors. His kickpads also feature really detailed illustrations of Xavier Woods and other colors, which really make the figure pop. Not to mention he comes with extra open hands to swap and one SmackDown Tag Team Championship title belt.

Overall, this figure is great. He probably will be harder to come by in my opinion being he is truly the only new figure in the set. He’s basically a repaint of Elite 79 minus the plate of pancakes accessory. The blonde hair is a nice update as well and the attire really pops, but being how detailed it is leaves it open for paint errors. I’ve had a lot of trouble with all my New Day Elites as of late as the paint apps have been such a hit or miss. So that’s just something to be aware of unfortunately. This one, too, has a few errors that bug me, but nothing to the extreme. He also comes with the SmackDown tag title as I mentioned, which has that more dull paint paint application than the shiny plastic they did before. Overall, it’s a nice figure and I do recommend it for an even more updated Kofi.

Drew McIntyre

Drew is the same as his Elite 71 figure that came out a year ago. This one is very similar to his older NXT one but his attire logos are different than his that Elite, plus this one has swappable hands and heads! This Drew comes with a head with his hair in his face, which is awesome to recreate his menacing entrance, not to mention he has one of the RAW tag team titles from his title run and his entrance jacket. He also comes with a similar head to his first Elite with his hair back.

Overall, Drew is a decent figure and I like it much more than his NXT one as the heads on these are really nice and the neck isn’t as thick as the NXT version. If you picked up his Elite 71 figure in the past then you honestly don’t need this one. My only gripe with this figure, and it could just be mine, is that his heads pop off so easily that they can almost fall off, which obviously isn’t good. His neck does look a tad long, too, but looking at images of him he does have a long neck. I still recommend this one to his NXT Elite, but just be aware of the head issue in case yours has that, too. It’s too bad Mattel couldn’t give him different trunks as I would imagine he’s worn something else since then but who knows. If you missed out before definitely get this one as it is nice.

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

The Fiend is also the same his Elite 77 figure that recently came out as well. There’s nothing different about it, just the updated blonde hair if you don’t have that one. Fiend has all of his crazy tattoo work, even his creepy face mask and his dreads. He comes with the head lantern and swappable hands. He unfortunately doesn’t come with his jacket since he was a rushed figure, but there is his Ultimate Edition of him coming later this year.

Overall, Fiend is a nice figure. His proportions are a little off to me as I feel his head should be a bit larger for the body, but regardless it’s not a huge issue. His new flat hand molds are really nicely done as you can see the “Hurt” and “Heal” logos on them. The lantern is nicely detailed, too, honestly, I just wish he had a jacket to complete his look. If you missed out on his Elite 77 figure be sure to pick up this one as this is another chance for you to get your hands on him. Hopefully future Elites of him will look different or come with other accessories.

Roman Reigns

Lastly we have Roman Reigns, which is also the exact same as his recent Elite 79 figure, but has the heads and hands swapped in the box to make you think it’s a different figure. It’s not, but if you didn’t pickup Elite 79 it is a great figure regardless. You can swap it with the smiling head scan he comes with his hair up if you prefer. He also is sporting the WWE Universal Championship, swappable hands and a removable vest. The detail on Roman is great as the tattoo work is super detailed and his gauntlets even have logos/text on it. His figure is practically the same as his other ones with just a little updating, but this one may be his best to date in my opinion.

Overall, this Roman is a great pickup. The newer smiling scan that looks even better than his previous ones is a great addition to have in your collection. Sadly it’s a face Roman than heel, but it’s still a great figure of him. The extra hands and the detail on him really make this pop and worth picking up. If you missed out on the Elite 79 one you can always get this figure that is the same, just looks different in the box due to it’s presentation.


Overall, this is not the most exciting Top Picks set to me as it’s three re-released figures than more unique figures of stars we see often. If you missed out on Fiend and Drew this is great to help you with scooping up those highly sought after figures, I just like when Mattel gives us new attires at least. Hopefully next year’s will be more exciting. Definitely pickup that Kofi though and the odds and ends you may have missed out on previously.

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