Roman Reigns Will Debut New Look At Clash Of Champions, New Music Coming Soon

roman reigns

Photo Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns has seemingly reinvented himself since returning to the WWE rings, complete with an alliance with Paul Heyman. More is to come, though, as Reigns has recently said that he’ll be debuting a new look at WWE’s Clash of Champions, and may change his entrance music sometime in the future.

During a recent meet-and-greet through Mania Club, Reigns confirmed that he might look a bit different at Clash of Champions, but won’t be completely reinventing how he looks. “The gear, let me address that; get over it,” he said (transcriptions via Fightful’s Jeremy Lambert). “I’m not going to run out there in trunks. I’ve been wearing a SWAT outfit my entire career, so I’m going to stick with those pants. If you watch on Sunday, you’ll probably see me with my shirt off. That will be the change. That’s going to be the only difference. I never wanted the outfit to be the costume for me. I don’t want my outfit to be the superstar.”

Reigns was also asked about his entrance music, and said that a change in that department may take a little longer due to the creative aspect of it. “The music, that’s a little more than me creating my own music. We have to go through the channels with that one,” he said. “It’s not like I came out and am an ultra bad guy. You’ve seen it in little steps and little layers. I want all the nuances to add up. Because I am a full-time performer, you have to keep things fresh, so I decided to save the new music. Hopefully, down the line, once more drastic things happen and the story unfolds.”

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