NXT Reportedly Suffers COVID-19 Outbreak, Creative Plans Changed As A Result

WWE Developmental Talent Performance Center

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE is once again suffering from a COVID-19 outbreak. Rather than the WWE ThunderDome, the latest outbreak occurred at the Performance Center and is impacting NXT television.

The news comes via Spectrum Sports 360 reporter Jon Alba and Fightful Select.The outbreak is said to have occurred “over the past couple of weeks” and has resulted in several classes at the Performance Center being canceled. Alba reports that “some have gotten relaxed with mask wearing, especially in spots where some people congregate and there was concern over that.”

It’s said that a coach at the Performance Center accidentally spread COVID-19 and that people are still testing positive as of this weekend. As far as NXT television goes, it’s said that it has had a “decent effect” on creative.

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