Braun Strowman Knocks Dabba-Kato Out, Defeats Him On RAW Underground

braun strowman

Photo credit: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images

This week on WWE RAW, Kevin Owens hosted The KO Show, and Shane McMahon was his guest. McMahon used the opportunity to bring RAW Underground star Dabba-Kato to the ring. Owens told Kato that he still remembers when Kato attacked him on RAW Underground, so he promised them they’ll fight someday. Owens then slapped Kato in the face, but the arrival of Braun Strowman prevented a fight.

Later in the show, Strowman faced Kato on RAW Underground. The two giants clashed and traded blows. Strowman took Kato down and tried to choke him out. Kto escaped, and Strowman blasted Kato with a knockout punch. The referee stopped the match after a few more punches.

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