Retribution Officially Signs WWE Contracts, Show Off New Look


Photo Credit: WWE

RETRIBUTION has been causing chaos throughout WWE for a number of weeks now. On this week’s episode of WWE RAW, the group invaded the show and reveale that they’ve signed contracts, so they’re allowed to be on WWE programming now. The members still weren’t satisfied; they blamed the members of the locker room for causing the sickness that currently infects WWE. The Hurt Business came to the ring, and RETRIBUTION left it.

MVP offered them an opportunity to get some hurt. Bobby Lashley told them to consider this a warning; they will beat RETRIBUTION down. More members of RETRIBUTION surrounded the ring and brawled with the Hurt Business. RETRIBUTION won the brawl and left the Hurt Business lying.

Later in the show, RETRIBUTION accepted the Hurt Business’ challenge to a match and promised to pay them back with retribution.

Later on, the Hurt Business took the fight to RETRIBUTION and won this backstage brawl.

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