ROH Wrestling Results (9/21/20): David Finlay Jr. vs. Rocky Romero

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ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired September 21, 2020 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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Quinn McKay welcomes viewers to the show and recaps last week’s tournament matches. In a post-match interview, Jay Lethal says he overcame the absence of fans, so he’s on his way to becoming the only multiple-time ROH Pure Champion. He says all he cares about is helping Ring of Honor showcase the best wrestling in the world.

After Jonathan Gresham’s victory, in a post-match interview, he says he’s always known he was meant for greatness. He says nothing will stop him from reshaping Ring of Honor.

In a video package before the match, David Finlay Jr. recaps his family’s history with wrestling. He recaps how he’s honed his craft all over the world, particularly Japan. Finlay says it’s been a long time since he’s been in an ROH ring, and he’s been recovering from injuries. He views this match as a chance at redemption. He calls Rocky Romero his mentor, and says he has to win no matter who he’s facing. Finlay says he knows Romero very well; he’ll know what moves he’ll try before he even thinks of them.

In another video package, Romero looks back on his history with Ring of Honor. He says he’s faced several Pure Champions, and he’s always been a fan of the title. He says he loves pure wrestling and says the tournament has been his priority since he joined it. He says he learned a lot in his time in Japan. He says he knows Finlay quite well, but he’ll have to outsmart him with the experience advantage. Romero calls his armbar his most dangerous weapon and says he has some tricks up his sleeves. He says Finlay will just be a sidenote in Romero’s world.

Ring of Honor Pure Championship Tournament Round One: David Finlay vs. Rocky Romero

Romero and Finlay feel each other out with technical holds. Romero takes Finlay down and locks in the armbar, but Finlay reaches the ropes. Finlay takes Romero to the mat, but Romero returns the favor with a headscissors takedown. Finlay kicks Romero in the chest and plants him with a suplex for a two count. Romero hits a flying knee off the apron. A dropkick earns Finlay a two count. Finlay locks in a Camel Clutch and grounds him with a Cobra Clutch. Romero rallies with a European uppercut and a springboard tornado DDT.

Romero kicks Finlay’s arm and hits an armbreaker. He dives onto Finlay’s arm and drives his knee into it. A springboard double stomp earns Romero a two count. Finlay counters Sliced Bread and slams Romero leg-first into the ropes. He targets Romero’s leg, using a grapevine to add even more pressure to the hold. Romero reaches the ropes to break the hold. He hits a jumping knee and hits a running Sliced Bread for a two count. Romero counters a diving strike from Finlay and locks in the armbar, but Finlay uses his second ropebreak to escape. Romero kicks Finlay’s arm, but Finlay counters Sliced Bread into a backbreaker. Trash Panda (a modified neckbreaker over the knee) earns Finlay the win.

Winner: David Finlay

After the match, Finlay and Romero shake hands.

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