Jeff Hardy Talks Life After Wrestling, Doubts He’ll Be A Trainer

jeff hardy

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

While Jeff Hardy is the current Intercontinental Champion, there’s no denying that he’s closer to the end of his career than the beginning of it. He spoke to the Daily Star about what he’ll do once he hangs up his boots and why he won’t be starting a wrestling school despite his wealth of knowledge.

“I don’t think like I’ll ever be a wrestling trainer, an agent, a coach or anything like that,” Hardy admitted as he doesn’t see himself as a coach or leader. However, he does say that he’d make an exception if either of his two daughters wanted to pursue wrestling. Instead, Hardy hopes that there’ll be “a creative place” for him as he loves it and is “interested in everything that’s going on.”

While Hardy’s own days inside the ring might be numbered, he’s glad he’s helped the popularity of tag team wrestling and that WWE has introduced women’s tag titles.

“Seeing those tag titles and thinking of the first time my brother and I won them, it was just so inspiring to me,” Hardy explained. “It’s awesome, man … if my daughters ever wanted to wrestle, just the idea of the Hardy Girlz sounds amazing.”

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