Tenille Dashwood Excited For IMPACT’s Recent Moves, The Prospect Of Facing Kylie Rae

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Tenille Dashwood has flown under the radar for a while but her recent return to IMPACT Wrestling has elevated an already stacked women’s division.

Stew Myrick of Sports Guys Talking Wrestling caught up with Dashwood to get some details behind her recent leave from the squared circle and what specifically drew her to IMPACT down in Nashville.

“IMPACT’s been making some big moves, signing a lot of amazing talent. They’re really capitalizing on what’s been happening right now in the wrestling world and things are very exciting,” she said. “Obviously I took some time off, keeping an eye on everyone and everything that’s happening and I felt that it was my time now to step back in and take that spotlight back.”

“I laid low for a while, but now it’s my time to take the spotlight back,” Dashwood added.

Myrick does mention how loaded with talent the women’s division is and Tenille states that particular aspect is a reason why she was drawn to join IMPACT’s ranks.

“I 100% agree and that’s part of what brought me back in is it was time to get back in the mix and enjoy the moment with all of these amazing women wrestlers. It shows it for itself. The product is amazing and the talented women that absolutely love wrestling and that oozes out of them. You can tell when they step out in the ring how dedicated and how much they want to show the world how good they are so that’s what I love about IMPACT Wrestling.”

Not counting IMPACT Knockout’s Champion Deonna Purrazzo (who Tenille says is getting a little big for her britches) Dashwood shoots out a couple of other names as competition she’d like to face.

“I would definitely say that I think that Jordynne Grace is one of the most talented wrestlers period out there,” she says before mentioning another top star in IMPACT. “I have never stepped in the ring with Kylie Rae and I think she’s just an amazing talent.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can tune into this very worthwhile interview as Dashwood also talks about her nearly lifelong struggle with psoriasis and brings up some of her favorite meals to enjoy.

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