Will Ospreay Returns To NJPW: ‘I Am The Best Wrestler In The World Right Now’

Will Ospreay

Photo Credit: AXS TV

Will Ospreay made his major return to New Japan Pro-Wrestling since the COVID-19 cast a major shadow on the globe and he did so by being a participant in the ever-popular G1 Climax Tournament.

Ospreay laid British law down in the middle of the canvas as he defeated Yujiro Takahashi during night one of the tournament and cut a brief promo after his hard-fought W.

“I am the best wrestler in the world right now,” a cocky Ospreay stated after admitting he was a bit nervous to return. “New Japan has been good during the pandemic era however it is so much better that Will Ospreay is back! This G1 is about being ‘the one.’ You are looking at him.”

Until Saturday evening, Ospreay didn’t compete under the NJPW banner since February 26.

You can watch the clip below of Ospreay’s post-victory promo in addition to getting Yujiro’s comments as well.

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