Chuck Taylor Calls The NXT/AEW Rivalry Fake, Wants To See His Friends Succeed

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The Best Friends recently appeared on the AEW Unrestricted podcast and discussed their experiences with the company. They also reflected on their careers before AEW. Here are some highlights:

On Trent’s mom being involved with angles on AEW:

Trent: So [AEW Fyter Fest,] me and him were just watching the show, and we’re like, this is the fourth person driving in in a car.”

Chuck Taylor: “We were sitting in the crowd, you know, we were out there during Dynamite, like sitting in the crowd.”

Trent: “There was a couple weeks where everyone was driving in. Cody drove in, with his little truck, and rammed a box or something, and then we were like, as a joke, I think I said it’d be funny if my mom dropped us off in a van.”

Taylor: “And I was like, yeah absolutely, let’s do that. And I think that was six days before we actually did it, I think it was the week before, something like that, I was like, ‘Yeah, we gotta do that,’ and we went and told Tony [Khan] and he’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.'”

Trent: “And she was all excited about it, real excited about it, she loves doing stuff. She’s a little mark for herself.”

Taylor: “We actually probably really got lucky that we were traveling. We were sporadically on Dynamite, I’d say, and we were on Dark a lot, which, you know, obviously happy to do, but during the pandemic, like when the roster got smaller, we got a chance to be featured more on Dynamite, and weirdly, been on Dynamite almost every week since. And I’m just saying thank goodness for this pandemic [laughs.] It’s been so weird.”

On the Gentlemen’s Club faction:

Taylor: “It was me, Orange Cassidy, Drew Gulak and the Swamp Monster, which was grown man, sometimes a grown woman in a ghillie suit that I bought from a hunting website, and that’s really all I got about that. Dolph Ziggler was Swamp Monster one time at the UCB theatre in New York, Daffney from WCW was Swamp Monster one time. Lot of prestigious swamp monsters. Pete Dunne was at the King of Trios one year.”

On the “rivalry” with NXT:

Taylor: “People talk about maybe this fake bull—- rivalry between AEW and NXT, I think, those are all my friends. I was a groomsman in Johnny Gargano’s wedding, like I want them to succeed to, not at the expense of us, obliviously I hope they lose and die forever, but those are my friends.”

The full episode is available here:

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