Ken Shamrock Says He Doesn’t Want To Handle His Retirement Like Daniel Cormier

Ken Shamrock recently appeared on The DropKick podcast and discussed various topics about his career. One highlight includes Shamrock’s thoughts on his own retirement; he names UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier as an example of how he doesn’t want to approach the matter. Transcription credit of Danial of The DropKick Podcast:

Shamrock: “Well, you see, that’s where I think, I think that’s the first drop-off, right. It’s when you start thinking about it because that’s what happened with Daniel Cormier, there’s no doubt in mind that if DC goes into that fight with no retirement in his mind and I know he’ll disagree and I know a lot of fans will too, but he doesn’t lose that fight. I don’t think he loses that fight but I just believe that there’s something that goes off in your head when you see the finish line. It’s not the same thing as if you’re in the race and you sprint for it, right. It’s different because I think you ease up because you’re not looking to finish for a trophy, you’re not looking to cross that for a trophy or for the next step. You’re looking to cross that line to slow down. Just slow down in life and so I think when that starts to come into your mind and you start thinking about it and you make an announcement before you actually fight. You’ve basically I think handcuffed yourself, because now you’re telling the other guy you’re not getting a rematch. So he’s just going and I’m gonna give it all because I ain’t gonna let him do a walk off here and be the heel of it, and so you’re throwing gasoline onto a fire now saying, ‘I’m gonna beat you and I’m gonna walk off and leave you holding all the regret,’ and that adds fuel to him and in your own mind, you’re saying well, I’m done, like I don’t know what’s next and for me. I thought, you know, when you start thinking and people keep bringing up to me all the time, ‘What do you think that is?’ and it’s like I have no idea. I don’t and when that happens, I’ll know  it, and that’s the time when everybody else will, but if you ask me now about it, then I’m going to. I’m going to go well let me think about how I feel good now, maybe a year haha. I don’t know, so right now every day I’m going to get better. I’m going to improve until I can’t.”

On his next chapter:

Shamrock: “Yeah, I don’t know. Right now, the chapter I’m in seems like I’m rewriting it from all the history books and what everybody’s able to do, and so for me, it’s going to be each and every day, I have a goal set in mind of things I have to do and I have to get done, whether it’s in training, whether it’s in regular everyday life , whether it’s family, whatever it is, those are things I focus on. And that’s what I focus on through the day and the next day, I try to make sure I do it better. If I go into training this day, tomorrow, the next day, I go into training, I’m gonna do it better and make sure that, every single day, that I’m always improving in my health, I’m improving on my conditioning, my strength and also the quality of my life.”

The full episode is available below:

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