Chris Jericho Really Sees Inner Circle Being A ‘DX’ Style Faction For Many Years

inner circle chris jericho

Photo Credit: AEW / Lee South

Chris Jericho says Inner Circle is strong enough to stand the test of time just like D-Generation X did in WWE.

Jericho recently spoke with the media and put over how successful his Inner Circle stable has been in AEW so far. Jericho believes they could ultimately turn face and enjoy a lengthy run in wrestling, comparing it to how DX started as heels before turning into some of the most beloved babyfaces ever.

“It’s been almost a year now of this top heel faction still being a group to where there’s no reason to change it. You know, there’s no reason to add anybody or subtract anybody or replace anybody, and I can see us being a faction for years. Almost like DX was. When DX became a thing, they were heels, then they turned babyfaces and they just kept going. I really see that for the Inner Circle.”

Jericho also spoke about facing Jon Moxley in AEW, a stark contrast to facing him as ‘Dean Ambrose’ in WWE. Jericho says Mox isn’t even close to his Ambrose character and he really enjoyed their AEW World Championship feud last year.

“Well, I mean, that wasn’t even the same guy. I mean Dean Ambrose doesn’t even exist anymore. To me, that’s almost a job guy from the past. Jon Moxley is not that guy, so yeah, I had a pretty good feud with Dean Ambrose, wasn’t even close. Not the same guy, not the same situation. So when Moxley came to AEW is when he really became Moxley, when he really became what he had the potential to be, which is why I recruited him to bring him into AEW to begin with. And I think the story that we did, I think we started that one in mid-December and that culminated at the end of February. Once again, two and a half months. The story that Cody and I had started basically on October 2 on our very first Dynamite show and went to November. So I pride myself on long stories that always have a great payoff. Sometimes, you win, sometimes you lose. As the heel, most of the time you lose, that’s okay.”

“But with Mox, I really enjoyed it because basically, what happens with me now is, in WWE, you get complacent that people are gonna book stories for you, and all my best stuff, I always had major input in WWE. Whether it be Shawn Michaels in 2008, Rey Mysterio in 2009, Kevin Owens in 2016, all of those storylines were months and months and months. Now, obviously, I had input, but so did the writers, and you’re working together. In AEW, there is no writer, it’s up to me. And I embraced that. From the moment that I started here, I’ve planned out big chunks of, ‘Okay, who’s available for me to work with?’ Because everybody’s got their own storylines and things that are going on, and what can I do with this?”

Check out the full media call (via Inside The Ropes) below: