Talk’N Shop Confirms Animated Series In The Works, Explains What Makes ‘Sex Ferguson’ Tick

doc gallows

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

This week’s episode of Talk Is Jericho celebrated the show’s 700th episode by having the stars of Talk’n Shop join the show. Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows and Rocky Romero discussed the Talk’n Shop A Mania pay-per-view and made a few big announcements, including the development of a new animated series called The Gimmicks.

Rocky Romero: “We’re working on an animated series, it’s gonna debut on Instagram. It’s called The Gimmicks,. If it’s the first time you’ve ever heard about it, it’s actually phenomenal. We’re working with an amazing team, they’re called Toonstar, it’s an amazing studio out in LA, and basically we’re doing South Park meets wrestling. It’s insanity, all the insanity from Talk’n Shop A Mania, we’re bringing it to you in an animation, as a cartoon. It’s unfiltered, it’s raw, it’s real, and it’s pretty crazy.”

On a lighter note, the trio talked about the origins of Sex… Ferguson, that is. Sex Ferguson is Gallows’ alter-ego but as Anderson explained, it takes some time to get used to but Sex actually is Gallows and that’s the problem.

Anderson: “The first time we ever did it, he started doing that, and I remember going, ‘Why is he doing the voice?’ It’s great, I didn’t understand it yet. And then they kinda explained he’s an old school guy. Okay, he did it again, I didn’t get it. He did it again and I didn’t get it, and then obviously it became funny because it is funny once you understand it. But you have to really know the background of this son of a b—-, and it’s not Gallows, it’s Sex Ferguson. You gotta understand him, but you’ve also got to understand Sex Ferguson because Sex Ferguson actually is Gallows, that’s the problem.”

The full episode of Talk Is Jericho is available below:

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