Mickie James On RAW Match: They’re Just Trying To Protect Me, But It’s Not A ‘Real’ Loss

Mickie James says she can’t do much about her ‘loss’ to Asuka on RAW—except for throwing a fit over it this Monday.

James spoke with talkSPORT about the finish of her match with Asuka on RAW, a confusing conclusion that left some fans—and the referee—thinking she was injured. Mickie says there’s not much she can do now but she doesn’t consider it a ‘real loss’ considering the circumstances of the finish.

“I honestly don’t know. I rolled back to count – one, two – there was no count. So she obviously went to go and lock back in the Asuka lock and I think in those moments, here’s the thing: it is a dangerous sport. We have to be very careful. The refs do their job and kind of their job is to protect us and make sure it never goes too far or no one ever gets hurt. So he made his decision based on what he thought was a reality, that I was hurt or I couldn’t continue and that’s unfortunate for me. I felt like I could continue and it’s an unfortunate loss. But, it’s not a real loss let’s face it. It was the final decision, what can I do? Except go in there a throw a fit on Monday!”

Mickie already addressed the match on this week’s episode of The Bump, saying she is unsure what happens and believed she might have been screwed over. Speaking with TalkSport, James says she can understand why the referee erred on the side of caution this time, but she doesn’t think it was just the official’s call and they may have just been acting in the interest of safety.

“In that moment it’s very hard for them to tell whether you are hurt or not. It can’t just be his call either. It must have been whoever thought I was hurt. They’re just trying to protect me and keep me safe because concussions are a real thing. What we do as a sport is very dangerous. So if somebody gets a concussion, not only can they not wrestle the rest of that match, but they could possibly never wrestle again depending on how bad it is, same with football. So we have to be careful with that and I get it. It was unfortunate for me and stinky, but I’m fine. My nose hurts a little bit from that knee lift, I’ll be honest [laughs].”

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