Tyler Breeze Wants To Bring The Fashion Files To NXT

tyler breeze

(Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)

Current NXT Tag Team Champion Tyler Breeze is a talented performer, but his biggest accomplishment in WWE prior to winning the gold didn’t occur in the ring. Alongside his partner Fandango, the comedy series “Fashion Files” propelled the duo to cult favorite status, preserving their spot on the WWE (and now NXT) roster and allowing them to establish their characters in a unique way.

In a new interview with Newsweek, Breeze mentions that he hopes to bring back the series now that the duo have reestablished themselves on Wednesday nights.

The whole reason [Fashion Files] survived was because of social media and on a show where you have so much talent when you’re the number one trending topic on Smackdown people take notice and we’re asked to do it another week and another and eight months later we’re still alive because everybody’s saying “give us another Fashion Files.”

Despite NXT’s different format, Breeze seems unfazed, saying that “anything can work” in sports entertainment.

I know myself and Dango would both love for it to come back in the right scenario with the right writing and if it works for what we’re doing I guarantee people will go “man, that was really cool. I miss that.

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