Io Shirai Prevails Against A Game Shotzi Blackheart

Io Shirai

Photo Credit: Alex Santa Maria

Io Shirai and Shotzi Blackheart took to the ring during tonight’s episode of NXT, where the NXT Women’s Champion showed off just why she was at the top of the mountain, coming away with a big win a non-title match against Blackheart.

Despite Blackheart giving it her all and taking Shirai to the limit, it was Shirai that got the win. Late in the match, Shirai was able to land a bit knee on Blackheart’s gut after she missed the landing on a moonsault. Even though she missed, that knee was more than enough to put away Blackheart, who was too tired and hurt to kick out.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Blackheart surprises Shirai with a senton int the ropes. Blackheart lands a modified German suplex. Blackheart floats over into cattle mutilation. Shirai rolls through to escape. Missile dropkick by Shirai. Blackheart kicks out. Shirai goes up top. Blackheart cuts her off and hits a top rope ranna. Shirai kicks out. Blackheart tries a Yoshi tonic but Shirai counters and hits a German on the apron. Blackheart somehow kicks out. Shirai lands her moonsault off the top but she undershoots it. Shirai’s knees Blackheart in the gut in the process. Shirai pins Blackheart.

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