Collector’s Corner: Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Charlotte Flair In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest Collector’s Corner we take a look at the Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Charlotte Flair!

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Charlotte Flair

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The Packaging

This figure feature the same packaging as the previous sets with the larger, window box that open like a book. In the window you can see Charlotte and all her included accessories, hands, heads and more. One side of the box features her name while the other an image of her while on the box highlights her career a bit with statistics and information followed by more images of her and the figure.

The Figure

This is by far Charlotte’s best action figure to date. As I said in my review of Elite 79 recently, when Mattel wants to go all out they truly knock it out of the park. I feel they really hit a home run with this figure.

Charlotte comes with two head scans, a serious/smirking scan and a smiling one. This is easily her best head scan to date as they finally nailed her likeness. She also comes with several pairs of hands to recreate her entrance pose and when she does her figure-eight move.

She is also sporting a completely fabric robe with designs and fur on it to make it look as authentic as possible. It velcros in the front just under her breast area to secure it to the figure nicely. The sleeves also droop to give it a realistic look, which is great. Be careful when removing this from the packaging as Mattel taped it down on the bottom, which peels off some of the design briefly, as well as used rubber bands to hold her in place. The tape is really annoying and I understand they wanted to secure it, but putting it over the fabric designs wasn’t the best idea. Be sure to remove it carefully and slowly.

Once you remove Charlotte from the robe you can see all the detail in her attire. Her top and trunks are very detailed with her signature designs/logos on them. She has her tattoos on her forearms as well as her abdomen, which is a great attention to detail. Charlotte features the double-jointed arms and legs as well as the chest articulation that the Ultimate action figures feature, which makes her great for posing her in her signature moves and finishers. She also has rubber knee pads and painted stockings above her tall boots with the logos on them. Not to mention she has the toe-joints that the Ultimates feature as well, which is really cool.


Overall, this figure is really well done and is Charlotte’s best to date. This could easily be the only figure of her you’d ever need honestly. The articulation is fantastic for her moves set, the likeness is spot on and the robe truly completes it. The paint apps are a little iffy on mine sadly. I’ve noticed the Ultimates have had a bit of paint app issues, as have my Elites lately, so I’m not sure what all is going on there. Still a great figure you can only get on Ringside at this time even though there’s no “exclusive” sticker on it. Definitely pick it up!

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