Jeff Hardy Wants To Be An Example And Good Person: ‘I Can’t Screw Up Again, If I Do, I’m Done’

Jeff Hardy

Photo by Jerod Harris/ACMA2012/Getty Images for ACM

Jeff Hardy says he wants to lead by example and can’t afford to screw up again on the road to recovery from addiction.

Hardy recently spoke with BT Sport about his battle with addiction and recovery, and the “Charismatic Enigma” said he’s worked sober before but now he’s really committed to the plan. He says he doesn’t want to be in trouble with law enforcement and notes that he doesn’t have any more chances to screw up.

“To be sober now and experiencing everything—I’ve been here before, I’ve done sober runs in the past it’s just that I’ve never committed to it and surrendered to the idea of me having a problem. That’s a huge part of it. Getting in trouble with the law is no fun and I hope and pray that’s over because I said when I came back that this is my last chance to get it right and that is so true.”

“I can’t screw up again if I do, I’m done. So yeah, I think that’s what brings so much happiness, and I have my family. Everybody in my family is healthy and I thank God for that every day. I pray that we can continue this happiness that we’re on but things are going to happen, trials and tribulations, it’s human life. Living day-to-day, one day at a time has been huge for me and I think that’s a great way to live even outside of recovery. You never know what tomorrow holds.”

Hardy went on to note that Chadwick Boseman’s battle with colon cancer and the way he continued to live his life “touched his soul” and said he wants to be an example and “a good overall kind of person.”

Hardy also told BT Sport that being allowed to resume using “No More Words” as his WWE entrance theme again was a condition of him re-signing with the company.

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