Seth Rollins Wins Steel Cage Match, Brutally Attacks Murphy

seth rollins

Photo Credit: WWE

This week on WWE RAW, Dominik Mysterio faced Seth Rollins in a Steel Cage Match. The two men have been engaged in a personal feud for several months, spanning back to Rollins’ rivalry with Rey Mysterio. Before the match, Rollins told Murphy that they have to look to the future. He asked Murphy if he was prepared for his role because he has an important plan for him. Rollins grabbed Murphy by the face and told him to stay in the back so he doesn’t have to deal with his mistakes again. Dominik’s family accompanied him to the ring for this match with Rollins.

Rollins immediately took the fight to Dominik, but the young superstar dropped Rollins with a spinning DDT. Dominik tried to escape, but Murphy handed Rollins a kendo stick. The Monday Night Messiah hit Dominik with the weapon and took control of the match. Rollins grated Dominik’s head against the wall of the cage. Dominik drove Rollins face-first into the wall and sent him into another wall with a hurricanrana. Rey gave Dominik a kendo stick and Dominik used it on Rollins. The young superstar repeatedly sent Rollins into the cage wall. Rollins catapulted Dominik into the cage wall, and he tried to climb out. Both men battled on the wall, but both men wound up crotched on the rope.

Dominik crawled toward the door, but Murphy attacked Rey at ringside and accidentally slammed the door into Rollins’ face. Dominik tried to climb out, and he knocked Murphy off the cage as he tried to climb up. A Frog Splash earned Dominik a two count. Rollins stopped Dominik from climbing out and superplexed him back into the ring. Dominik rolled up Rollins for a two count, but Rollins Stomped Dominik twice for the win.

After the match, Rollins embraced Murphy before he slammed him into the steel cage and the barricade. He slammed the cage door into Murphy’s face. Then, the Mysterio family checked on Dominik. “Hell of a job you did,” Rollins told Dominik’s family. “Hope she turns out better.”

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