Asuka Retains Against Injured Mickie James, Zelina Vega Slaps The Champ


Photo Credit: WWE

This week on WWE RAW, Asuka defended the WWE RAW Women’s Championship against Mickie James. Both competitors exchanged technical holds early on. James took Asuka down to the mat, but the champion rocked James with a knee to the face. The challenger dodged a running hip attack and floored Asuka with a kick to the face.

James took Asuka down with a hurricanrana, but Asuka hit her with a running hip attack. A flapjack dropped Asuka, and both women exchanged pin attempts. Asuka floored James with a spinning back fist.

Asuka locked in an arm-bar and reversed a DDT, but James almost stole the win with a roll-up. Asuka locked in the Asuka Lock, and the referee called for the bell, though James didn’t tap out. The referee declared that James was unable to continue. Zelina Vega came to the ring and said she’s been thinking about her future. She said she’s been wasting the prime of her career. Vega called Asuka an ingrate who was handed the title. She called herself one of the best in the business and said she’s challenging Asuka for the title. Vega then slapped Asuka and walked away.

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