Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite 79 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at Mattel WWE Elite 79 featuring:

  • Bobby Fish (with Chase variant)
  • Roman Reigns
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Io Shirai
  • Big E
  • Xavier Woods

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Io Shirai

Photo Credit: Alex Santa Maria

The Packaging

This set features the 2020 style Elite packaging with the red/white/black/silver color scheme. The box showcases the featured wrestler on one side with their name on the opposite as well as a larger image, statistics and those whom also are in the set on the back. Undertaker is the Collector’s Edition in this set but will only truly be available at Walmart. He hasn’t released at retail yet in time for this review but should be out soon. His packaging will be really unique, too, which you can see in the gallery below.

Bobby Fish

First up we have Bobby Fish’s first single release Elite figure. This one features his War Games camouflage gear while his Chase features his black/silver gear. Unfortunately I didn’t have the Chase in my possession in time for this review but looking at the main release in the camo gear it’s a pretty cool and detailed figure. Bobby features a new head scan with his mouth guard showing in his mouth. His armband is surprisingly painted on his arm than a rubber accessory like on his previous. I thought that was kind of odd they did that. He also has his white hand tape, his camo shorts with the Undisputed Era and Bobby Fish logos, knee pads and his camo kick pads. He also comes with one NXT Tag Team Championship belt and a rubber Undisputed Era shirt. He also comes with swappable hands, including new thumbs up hands that have yet to be released with any other figure.

Overall, Bobby’s main release figure is great. The detail on him is really nice. I love the camo look and he will pair up well with the Roderick Strong and Elite 80 Kyle O’Reilly releasing next month. I don’t like the painted armband but everything else about the figure is great. I highly recommend picking him up to complete your Undisputed Era set if you missed out on the original 3-pack. You can see the Chase variant in the gallery below as well.

Roman Reigns

Before you give a major eye roll to another Elite Roman Reigns figure just know this one is pretty nice. While yes it looks very similar to his others as of late this one features his newer smiling head scan, which is fantastic but sadly irrelevant to his return. You can swap it with the smirking head scan he comes with his hair down if you prefer. He also is sporting the WWE Universal Championship, swappable hands and a removable vest. The detail on Roman is great as the tattoo work is super detailed and his gauntlets even have logos/text on it. His figure is practically the same as his other ones with just a little updating, but this one may be his best to date in my opinion.

Overall, this Roman is a great pickup. The newer smiling scan that looks even better than his previous ones is a great addition to have in your collection. As mentioned sadly it’s a face Roman than heel, but it’s still a great figure of him. The extra hands and the detail on him really make this pop and worth picking up. If you miss out on this one you can always get his Top Pick 2021 figure that is the same.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel is probably the sleeper of this set, but it’s a nice updated figure of him. He comes with two heads, a short haired version and his long haired version. You can make him in two ways if you prefer, which is cool. He also comes with multiple pairs of hands, from “Yes” chant hands to open hands and more. He’s sporting his black and green trunks, knee pads and kick pads, too.

While this figure of him may not be the most exciting it’s great to get a short-haired figure with the True FX detailing on it. It is an older scan they repurposed but it works well in his more recent look. If you want a more updated Daniel I recommend picking it up as he was overdue for something newer since Elite 73. Don’t be surprised to see this sitting on the pegs though at Walmart or Target.

Io Shirai

Io is easily the gem of this set and could even be a figure of the year candidate, too. Mattel truly went all out on this figure and it shows. She comes with a cloth jacket with a fur hood, logos on the jacket and even straps with logos hanging from it. The jacket is very impressive to say the least and really makes this figure pop. Once you remove her jacket you can see her detailed head scan and attire. She has several new hand molds that have her metallic-looking gloves on, too. Not to mention new elbow pads and other tooling for her attire. The detail on her from head to toe is nothing short of impressive as a lot of new tooling and accessories went into perfecting her figure, which has collectors so happy, including myself. When Mattel really tries they can produce some amazing figures.

Overall, I highly recommend buying this figure as it is a piece of art. Mattel truly went all out to perfect her look and feel. The jacket is so cool and one of Mattel’s best fabric accessories every made in my opinion. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of hers do not pass up on this one. Truly an awesome figure.

Big E

Big E’s latest figure is one of his best in recent memory. The detail on his attire is awesome and pairs well with both Xavier in this set and Kofi from Elite 78 in the previous set. He comes in his cotton candy themed singlet with the blue/pink color scheme and logos as well as with swappable hands, a nice plate of pancakes and one SmackDown Tag Team Championship title belt. Big E also features what I believe is a newer head scan of his with a cheesy smile on his face, which is fitting for him. The plate of pancakes is a fun accessory that also comes with Kofi, but I wish they gave us a single pancake accessory as well. Perhaps one day they will!

Overall, while there’s not a whole lot to say about this figure it is still well done in my opinion. It’s probably my favorite Big E figure to date, too, as it goes so well with the other New Day figures just released, which are my favorite versions of them. The colors really pop on it, but beware of paint app issues. I had many on my Kofi and noticed some on my Big E, too, so I will be looking to find a better painted one. I wish the title belt wasn’t a dull paint job either and I’m not sure why they started doing that. That’s my only real complaint with these new New Day figures. If you need a new Big E definitely get this one and don’t sleep on the latest New Day figures, their best to date in my opinion.

Xavier Woods

Xavier is also a gem in this set and by far will be one of the most sought after in this set. Not only does he also come in the awesome cotton candy themed attire, but he comes with a swappable dreadlocks with sunglasses on head and the Up, Up, Down, Down Championship title belt, which is really neat accessory. He also comes with swappable hands and his trombone. Sadly he doesn’t include a vest, which would ultimately complete this figure. His attire is very detailed with logos and the vibrant color scheme, but beware of potential paint app issues with this one, too. The championship belt though is super impressive with the side plates that even say “Austin Creed” on them, which is nothing short of awesome.

Overall, a great update to Xavier Woods. He hasn’t had an Elite in a hot minute so this was a great addition to the line and as mentioned in my favorite attire of New Day they’ve done. The colors truly pop so much and the belt and swappable head truly make this his best figure to date. I wish the trombone had some accent paint apps to make it look more realistic, but it’s still a great accessory that complete his look. If you don’t have Xavier pick this one up, but he will definitely be sought after alone just for his belt. I highly recommend him!


Overall, a pretty decent set. Some real gems are in this set, too, mainly Io and Xavier but Bobby isn’t too far off in my opinion. The Collector’s Edition Undertaker looks pretty cool so be sure to keep an eye out for that soon at Walmart. But overall I did like this set and was truly blown away by the detail on Io, just an amazing female action figure. Huge props to Mattel on that one. Definitely don’t pass up on several in this set as I have a feeling you’d regret it later. Others you can pass on like Daneil and Roman as you know they’ll have more down the line. Get them now on Ringside unless you rather wait to hunt them down at the store!

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