Tito Santana Discusses Career Highlights, His West Texas State Wrestling Connection

In advance of his live streaming virtual autograph signing tonight, WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana spoke with WrestleZone about his life in and out of the ring. The two-time Intercontinental Champion spoke about career highlights, his book ‘Don’t Call Me Chico’ and how Jesse Ventura gave him the moniker, coming up along with several wrestling legends at Texas A&M and much more!

Tune in TONIGHT from 7-10PM ET for a Virtual Signing. You can still order an 8X10 photo of him and watch him sign it tonight personally to you for $20. Tito will also give you a shout out while doing it and it will then be shipped to you.

Tito will also have his book and t-shirts for sale — message 80s Wrestling on Facebook to preorder. Tonight’s broadcast will also feature an ’80s Trivia Contest tonight, along with The ’80s Wrestling Name Game with Tito!

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