WWE 2K Battlegrounds Developers Talk Choosing Roster, Finishers, Future DLC Plans

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2K Battlegrounds logo

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is set to release this week and ComicBook.com recently caught up with the developers to talk about a variety of topics. Check out the highlights below:

On how they selected who would make the final roster:

I think it really stems from the fans, the wrestling fans that are on the development team and they’ve got a really strong passion for this content as well. It’s looking at how do we get that right mix between current superstars and legends because you’ve got old guys like me who is more of a legends guy because I grew up with that stuff way back when. So it’s really just finding the right balance and making sure we’ve got a really good mix of different styles, different areas, different genders, different move sets, things like that. We can’t do every superstar that’s ever been in the WWE or WWF. We can only do a certain amount. We’ve got a really good roster of 70 superstars past and present, and we’re really excited about where we’re going and we’re going to continue to grow that post-launch.

On the different meters that a superstar will have during a match:

So there are three meters under your character. There’s a Heat Bar, a Health Bar and a Stamina Bar. The Heat Bar builds up as you inflict damage and take damage, and when you fill up your Heat Bar, then you can do your signature finisher move to really do a massive amount of damage. Your Stamina Bar depletes as you are just constantly jamming on buttons, so if you’re just jamming on buttons, you’ll deplete your stamina and then you can’t do as many combos. If your stamina isn’t full or if you’re a smaller person, you can’t lift a heavier wrestler in some circumstances, depending on classes, so there are things like that, that the stamina fits into.

On how the campaign mode will be presented:

So it’s not cut scenes. It is told through comics. You’ll read some comic panels that set up the story. It’s a great WWE story that follows seven new superstars, and it follows Paul Heyman who is trying to set up the next kind of hot group within the WWE. Mr. McMahon has tasked him with that, so he enlists Stone Cold Steve Austin to help him do this, and you discover these seven new superstars that we’ve created just for this game and take them through the various battles or matches that they need to have to get to WrestleMania eventually.

On plans for post-launch DLC:

There will be regular free updates to the game, but it’s not DLC that you have to go download or purchase. It’s free updates to the game where new superstars, vanity items, arena customization items, things like that will come into the game. Then you can unlock them just like you would anything else in the game. You play, you earn currency, you can unlock what you choose in the game. These will just be additional things on a regular basis. Going to add a lot of superstars, new outfits, things like that as well, but it’s all free.

You can read the entire interview here. Do you plan on purchasing this game? Let us know in the comments below. The game releases September 18, 2020.

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