Mandy Rose Has Been Traded To Monday Night RAW

The Miz got a rotten apple and SmackDown just lost a peach because of it.

As seen on last night’s episode of SmackDown, The Miz tried to steal the Money In The Bank lunchbox during Otis’ match with John Morrison. Following the match, Miz tried to use a ‘legal loophole’ to keep the contract but Otis ended up outsmarting Miz, who was left with an apple core and no contract. Miz said he was calling in a favor and later on Talking Smack he revealed what that favor was.

According to The Miz, he forced a trade that sent Mandy Rose to RAW. The Miz said he’s been so successful on television that “FOX and USA Network rely on [him]” before dropping the bomb.

“They listen to every work and pitch I have, and boy did I have a pitch for the USA Network. Would you like to hear the breaking news? Ladies and gentlemen, as of 10:01 PM on 9-11-2020, Mandy Rose is now on the roster of USA Network’s Monday Night RAW.”

“Why? Let’s put it this way. Money in the Bank contract—it is very important. Otis needs to concentrate, needs to focus, he needs to get rid of every distraction that he could possibly have and Mandy Rose was a distraction for a person that could be Universal Champion.”

When asked if he feels like he’s doing Otis a favor, Miz said of course he is because Money In The Bank goes to a person that is next in line to be the face of the company and Otis is using it as a lunchbox.

Mandy has been Otis’ on-air love interest for nearly a year, so the move is certainly one that stings.

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Update: WWE has since confirmed the move is official, and Mandy Rose posted the following reaction: