Santino Marella Believes Interactions With WWE Hall Of Famers Cemented His Spot In The Company

santino marella

Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images

Santino Marella (Anthony Carelli) recently spoke with Back Sports Page and talked about his various on-air interactions with WWE Hall of Famers and how he feels like that run really cemented his place in the company.

“When I turned heel, after I separated my shoulder, Vince thought it was hilarious and I took hold of my spot. I was getting the mic every week with things like the funny game show with Ron Simmons and guest commentary. That’s when I told myself that I was going to be here for a while. I did a segment once with Roddy Piper, and I was like a kid in the candy store. This was who I watched. And then I was in the ring with Stone Cold and I felt like I held my own in that segment. I knew I was in good hands anyway with Stone Cold because he’s not going to let it fall apart and he always has the reigns. He was brilliant to work with, a super cool guy.”

Santino also spoke more about working with Vince McMahon, noting that the WWE Chairman was always open and honest with him. He says he considers Vince to be a role model now, and it means that much more now that he owns his own business, BattleArts Academy in Toronto.

“I love Vince. Vince will put down what he’s doing, turn towards you, make eye contact and say ‘Tell me about yourself’. He’s listening and he means it. He would tell us that anytime we wanted to pitch something to knock on his door and come talk to him. Anytime I’ve ever done that it’s always been well received. Vince doesn’t know how much I look up to him. Now that I’m a business owner, I appreciate all that he does even more. He has the final say in everything, and yet he still finds time to workout and spend time with his family. He’s everything you should want to be.”


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