Jerry Lawler Credits Road Dogg With Coining ‘Puppies’ During The WWF Attitude Era

jerry lawler

Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage

Jerry Lawler became synonymous with the term ‘puppies’ but it turns out that he borrowed the phrase from Attitude Era staple.

Jerry Lawler was a recent guest on the Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin and spoke about the influences for his WWE on-air persona. Lawler spoke about Curly of The Three Stooges being a major influence on his vocal delivery, then talked about his character’s love of “puppies”.

Austin asked if the line was something fed to him by Vince McMahon through his headphones, but Lawler explained that Road Dogg was actually the first one to use the phrase in the company.

“Actually, the word ‘puppies’ came about—the first time we heard it used on RAW, or in WWE, was by Road Dogg. Somehow Road Dogg was out there, I think with DX, and he said ‘Show us your puppies.’ And if you remember back then in the Attitude Era, that was a huge thing, we had such a huge amount of college kids that were going to the matches and you’d hear them talking about it. ‘Oh my gosh, you go to the WWE show and you might see some woman’s breasts!’ You know, out in the crowd, they were flashing the ‘puppies’ and that sort of thing. But Road Dogg was the first one to actually say it, I picked it up from him there and it had a life of its own.”

Check out the full episode at this link.

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