Jack Evans Reveals Hairline Fracture Is Why He Hasn’t Been On AEW Dynamite

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

On this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite, Angélico got to show off some of his unique offense against Orange Cassidy. It’s been a rare sight to see The Hybrid 2 on TNT, and that’s thankfully not because of a creative decision. Jack Evans responded to a fan asking about their lack of airtime by revealing why they haven’t been in the conversation more often. It turns out that Jack Evans has been dealing with a hairline fracture in his cheekbone, and he’s still waiting to be fully cleared.

It’s good to hear that AEW isn’t just choosing not to book these two talented grapplers. Despite a few standout performances early in AEW’s existence, they have yet to make their mark in the same was as other “AEW Originals” like Private Party and the aforementioned man that puts his hands in his pockets. Considering that FTR currently holds the gold, a feud between the no-nonsense Top Guys and the flips and tricks of The Hyrbid 2 could be quite a spectacle. We wish Evans a full recovery so he and his partner can make that happen.

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