Miro Says He’s ‘The Best Man’ In ‘The Best Promotion,’ Reportedly Can Work NJPW


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Last night, Kip Sabian revealed his best man for his wedding and that is, of course, “The Best Man” Miro aka Rusev from WWE.

In his brief promo, Miro spoke about the imaginary Brass Ring in WWE and said, “you can take that brass ring and shove it up your ass.” Following that segment, in a YouTube video on his official account, Miro would say that he meant every word and described his excitement to be in AEW.

“That’s why I believe this was not a this is not just a promo but those were actually my feelings, said Miro. “I do feel like I am the best and I do feel the things that I said about the brass ring. So, with that being said, I’m super excited, AEW, there’s about 95,000 people here that I’ve never worked with.”

He continued, “I love my video games and I love Twitch. I will keep doing Twitch all the time. But wrestling is my love, man. I came to this country, the United States of America, to be a professional wrestler. Now, I am in the best professional wrestling promotion, All Elite Wrestling.”

In a contractual update provided by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select (subscription required), it is reported that Miro does have the option to work for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and select independent dates but cannot appear on American television.

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Should you use any portion of the quotes above, transcription credit should go to Robert DeFelice for WrestleZone.